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RDB::SimpleTable< ROW > Class Template Reference

#include <tabletemplates.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class ROW>
class RDB::SimpleTable< ROW >

Table with one index using a single primary key.

It can be used to store rows which have no foreign keys.

The ROW class must inherit the RowBase class template.

Definition at line 66 of file tabletemplates.h.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
const ROW * find (int key) const
ROW * find (int key)
const UniqueIndex< ROW > * index () const
UniqueIndex< ROW > * index ()
void insert (ROW *row)
void remove (int key)
 SimpleTable (int size)
 ~SimpleTable ()

Protected Attributes

TableCore m_core
TableData m_data [ROW::Dimensions]
UniqueIndex< ROW > m_index

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