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WebIssues::AbstractValueEditor Class Reference

#include <abstractvalueeditor.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebIssues::AbstractValueEditor:

WebIssues::AgeValueEditor WebIssues::DateTimeValueEditor WebIssues::EnumValueEditor WebIssues::NumericValueEditor WebIssues::TextValueEditor WebIssues::UserValueEditor

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Detailed Description

Delegate for editing attribute values.

This delegate creates a widget for editing attribute values and provides an interface to read and change the current value.

This is an abstract class. Use the ValueEditorFactory to create delegates for given attribute types.

Inherited classes must implement the setValue() and value() methods.

Definition at line 34 of file abstractvalueeditor.h.

Public Member Functions

 AbstractValueEditor (QObject *parent)
virtual void setValue (const QString &value)=0
virtual QString value ()=0
QWidget * widget () const
 ~AbstractValueEditor ()

Protected Member Functions

void setWidget (QWidget *widget)

Private Attributes

QPointer< QWidget > m_widget

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