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WebIssues::ChangeMemberAccessDialog Class Reference

#include <userdialogs.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebIssues::ChangeMemberAccessDialog:

WebIssues::UsersDialog WebIssues::CommandDialog

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Dialog for executing the GRANT MEMBER command.

This dialog allows to change the access level for existing members.

Definition at line 243 of file userdialogs.h.

Public Member Functions

void accept ()
 ChangeMemberAccessDialog (const QList< int > &users, int projectId, QWidget *parent)
 ~ChangeMemberAccessDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool batchSuccessful (AbstractBatch *batch)
bool checkPassword (const QString &password, const QString &password2)
bool checkUserLogin (const QString &login)
bool checkUserName (const QString &name)
void createProgressPanel (int total, const QString &text)
void executeBatch (AbstractBatch *batch)
void reject ()
void setContentLayout (QLayout *layout, bool fixed)
void setProgress (int done, const QString &text)
void setPrompt (const QString &text)
void setPromptPixmap (const QPixmap &pixmap)
void showInfo (const QString &text)
void showWarning (const QString &text)

Private Attributes

QButtonGroup * m_accessGroup
int m_projectId
QList< int > m_users

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