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WebIssues::CommandDialog Class Reference

#include <commanddialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebIssues::CommandDialog:

WebIssues::FindItemDialog WebIssues::IssueDialog WebIssues::LoginDialog WebIssues::ProjectsDialog WebIssues::TypesDialog WebIssues::UsersDialog WebIssues::AddAttachmentDialog WebIssues::AddIssueDialog WebIssues::GetAttachmentDialog WebIssues::RenameIssueDialog WebIssues::SetValueDialog WebIssues::AddFolderDialog WebIssues::AddProjectDialog WebIssues::DeleteFolderDialog WebIssues::DeleteProjectDialog WebIssues::RenameFolderDialog WebIssues::RenameProjectDialog WebIssues::AddTypeDialog WebIssues::AttributeDialog WebIssues::DeleteAttributeDialog WebIssues::DeleteTypeDialog WebIssues::RenameAttributeDialog WebIssues::RenameTypeDialog WebIssues::AddMemberDialog WebIssues::AddUserDialog WebIssues::ChangeMemberAccessDialog WebIssues::ChangeUserAccessDialog WebIssues::RemoveMemberDialog WebIssues::RenameUserDialog WebIssues::SetPasswordDialog

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Detailed Description

Base class for dialogs for executing commands.

Inherited classes should create widgets using mainWidget() as their parent, put them in a layout and pass that layout to the setContentLayout() method. They should also initialize the prompt text before setting the layout.

To execute commands, create a batch and pass it to the executeBatch() method. If the batch is executed successfully, the dialog is closed automatically.

While a command batch is being executed, all widgets are automatically disabled and the Cancel button changes into an Abort button allowing the user to abort the batch.

The command dialog shows a status message and icon in the bottom. It can also display a progress bar with status text.

Definition at line 45 of file commanddialog.h.

Public Member Functions

 CommandDialog (QWidget *parent)
 ~CommandDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool batchSuccessful (AbstractBatch *batch)
void createProgressPanel (int total, const QString &text)
void executeBatch (AbstractBatch *batch)
void reject ()
void setContentLayout (QLayout *layout, bool fixed)
void setProgress (int done, const QString &text)
void setPrompt (const QString &text)
void setPromptPixmap (const QPixmap &pixmap)
void showInfo (const QString &text)
void showWarning (const QString &text)

Private Slots

void batchCompleted (bool successful)

Private Member Functions

void setWidgetsEnabled (QLayoutItem *item, bool enabled)

Private Attributes

QDialogButtonBox * m_buttonBox
QLayout * m_contentLayout
QBoxLayout * m_mainLayout
QProgressBar * m_progressBar
QLabel * m_progressLabel
QString m_progressText
QLabel * m_promptLabel
QBoxLayout * m_promptLayout
QLabel * m_promptPixmap
QWidget * m_promptWidget
QLabel * m_statusLabel
QLabel * m_statusPixmap

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