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Command * DataManager::updateProjects (  ) 

Create a command for updating projects and folders.

Definition at line 203 of file datamanager.cpp.

References WebIssues::Command::addRule(), WebIssues::Command::setAcceptNullReply(), WebIssues::Command::setKeyword(), and WebIssues::ReplyRule::ZeroOrMore.

Referenced by WebIssues::UpdateBatch::fetchNext(), and WebIssues::ProjectsBatch::fetchNext().

    Command* command = new Command();

    command->setKeyword( "LIST PROJECTS" );

    command->setAcceptNullReply( true );
    command->addRule( "P is", ReplyRule::ZeroOrMore );
    command->addRule( "F iisii", ReplyRule::ZeroOrMore );

    connect( command, SIGNAL( commandReply( const Reply& ) ), this, SLOT( updateProjectsReply( const Reply& ) ) );

    return command;

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