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WebIssues::HTMLHistoryWriter Class Reference

#include <htmlhistorywriter.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for writing the issue history in HTML format.

This class is responsible for creating the style sheet, adding HTML markup and writing the issue history into a QTextBrowser.

Definition at line 28 of file htmlhistorywriter.h.

Public Member Functions

void begin ()
void end ()
 HTMLHistoryWriter (QTextBrowser *browser)
void writeAttachment (const QString &header, const QString &item, int attachmentId)
void writeChanges (const QString &header, const QStringList &items)
void writeComment (const QString &header, const QString &text, int commentId)
 ~HTMLHistoryWriter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString attachment (int attachmentId, const QString &name)
static QString date (const QString &text)
static QString description (const QString &text)
static QString name (const QString &text)
static QString value (const QString &text)

Private Attributes

QTextBrowser * m_browser
QString m_html

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