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WebIssues::IssueHistoryProvider Class Reference

#include <issuehistoryprovider.h>

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Detailed Description

Class providing issue history to the HTMLHistoryWriter.

This class extracts the history of an issue, formats it into localized text and outputs it to the HTMLHistoryWriter.

Definition at line 31 of file issuehistoryprovider.h.

Public Member Functions

void extractIssueHistory (int issueId)
 IssueHistoryProvider ()
void write (HTMLHistoryWriter *writer)
 ~IssueHistoryProvider ()

Private Member Functions

QString headerAttachment (int attachmentId, int userId, const QDateTime &date)
QString headerComment (int commentId, int userId, const QDateTime &date)
QString headerCreated (int userId, const QDateTime &date)
QString headerModified (int userId, const QDateTime &date)
QString itemAttachment (int attachmentId, const QString &name, int size, const QString &description)
QString itemChange (int attributeId, const QString &oldValue, const QString &newValue)
QString itemInitialName (const QString &name)

Private Attributes

QString m_initialName
int m_issueId
QList< int > m_items

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