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WebIssues::IssueView Class Reference

#include <issueview.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebIssues::IssueView:

WebIssues::View XmlUi::Client

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Detailed Description

View for displaying details of an issue.

Definition at line 37 of file issueview.h.


void captionChanged (const QString &text)
void enabledChanged (bool enabled)
void showBusy (const QString &text)
void showInfo (const QString &text)
void showSummary (const QPixmap &pixmap, const QString &text)
void showWarning (const QString &text)

Public Member Functions

Access access () const
QAction * action (const QString &id) const
Builder * builder () const
const QString & caption () const
void gotoItem (int itemId)
int id () const
void initialUpdate ()
bool isEnabled () const
 IssueView (QObject *parent, QWidget *parentWidget)
void loadXmlFile (const QString &path)
QWidget * mainWidget () const
virtual bool queryClose ()
const Node & rootNode () const
void setAction (const QString &id, QAction *action)
void setBuilder (Builder *builder)
void setId (int id)
void setTitle (const QString &id, const QString &title)
QString title (const QString &id) const
virtual void updateAccess (Access access)
QSize viewerSizeHint () const
 ~IssueView ()

Protected Slots

void setCaption (const QString &text)

Protected Member Functions

void customEvent (QEvent *e)
void disableView ()
void enableView ()
void executeUpdate (UpdateBatch *batch)
bool isUpdating () const
void setAccess (Access access, bool initial=false)
void setMainWidget (QWidget *widget)
void setViewerSizeHint (const QSize &size)
void updateEvent (UpdateEvent *e)
void viewEvent (ViewEvent *e)

Private Slots

void addAttachment ()
void addComment ()
void anchorClicked (const QUrl &url)
void applyAttributes ()
void attachmentsContextMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void configureAttributes ()
void copy ()
void copyLink ()
void doubleClicked (const QModelIndex &index)
void editRename ()
void find ()
void findClicked ()
void findNext ()
void findPrevious ()
void historyContextMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void linkClicked (const QString &link)
void linkContextMenu (const QString &link, const QPoint &pos)
void openAttachment ()
void openLink ()
void saveAttachment ()
void selectAll ()
void setValue (int attributeId)
void tabChanged (int index)
void updateActions ()
void updateCaption ()
void updateIssue ()

Private Member Functions

Access checkDataAccess ()
void findItem (int itemId)
void handleAttachment (int attachmentId, AttachmentAction action)
void handleAttachment (int attachmentId)
void initialUpdateIssue ()
void populateAttributes ()
void populateComments ()
void populateProperties ()
QModelIndex selectedIndex ()
void updateAttributes ()
void updateProperties ()

Private Attributes

QString m_actionLink
QTextBrowser * m_browser
int m_currentPage
int m_folderId
int m_gotoItemId
bool m_isFindEnabled
QTreeView * m_list
int m_selectedAttachmentId
QTabWidget * m_tabWidget
int m_typeId

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