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WebIssues::TypesBatch Class Reference

#include <typesbatch.h>

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Detailed Description

Batch for operations on types and attributes.

This batch executes a series of commands creating, modifying and deleting types and attributes. After making the modifications, the batch updates the types and attributes data.

Definition at line 28 of file typesbatch.h.


void completed (bool successful)

Public Member Functions

void addAttribute (int typeId, const QString &name, const QString &definition)
void addType (const QString &name)
void deleteAttribute (int attributeId)
void deleteType (int typeId)
CommandfetchNext ()
void modifyAttribute (int attributeId, const QString &definition)
int priority () const
void renameAttribute (int attributeId, const QString &newName)
void renameType (int typeId, const QString &newName)
void setCompleted (bool successful)
 TypesBatch ()
 ~TypesBatch ()

Private Types

typedef BatchJob< TypesBatchJob
typedef BatchJobQueue< TypesBatchJobQueue

Private Slots

void setUpdate ()

Private Member Functions

CommandaddAttributeJob (const Job &job)
CommandaddTypeJob (const Job &job)
CommanddeleteAttributeJob (const Job &job)
CommanddeleteTypeJob (const Job &job)
CommandmodifyAttributeJob (const Job &job)
CommandrenameAttributeJob (const Job &job)
CommandrenameTypeJob (const Job &job)

Private Attributes

JobQueue m_queue
bool m_update

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