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WebIssues::View Class Reference

#include <view.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebIssues::View:

XmlUi::Client WebIssues::CommentView WebIssues::FolderView WebIssues::IssueView WebIssues::MembersView WebIssues::ProjectsView WebIssues::TypesView WebIssues::UsersView

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Detailed Description

A view which can be embedded in a window.

This is a base class for creating views which consist of a widget of any type and a set of actions which can be plugged into the container window's menus and toolbars.

Inherited classes should create the main widget, create actions and load the XMLGUI configuration file. The initialUpdate() method should be overriden to perform initialization after embedding the view in the container window.

A view may have an identifier which is used to distinguish units of data the view is associated with. The identifier is set before initialUpdate() and is not changed later.

The view class provides a few properties and signals to communicate with the container. It provides a caption, size hint and setting status messages.

The view automatically registers itself to receive update events from the data manager. It also handles executing update batches.

The ViewManager can be used to create and activate views. It can also post ViewEvent events to all views of a given class for communication between views.

Definition at line 56 of file view.h.


void captionChanged (const QString &text)
void enabledChanged (bool enabled)
void showBusy (const QString &text)
void showInfo (const QString &text)
void showSummary (const QPixmap &pixmap, const QString &text)
void showWarning (const QString &text)

Public Member Functions

Access access () const
QAction * action (const QString &id) const
Builder * builder () const
const QString & caption () const
virtual void disableView ()
virtual void enableView ()
int id () const
virtual void initialUpdate ()
bool isEnabled () const
void loadXmlFile (const QString &path)
QWidget * mainWidget () const
virtual bool queryClose ()
const Node & rootNode () const
void setAction (const QString &id, QAction *action)
void setBuilder (Builder *builder)
void setId (int id)
void setTitle (const QString &id, const QString &title)
QString title (const QString &id) const
virtual void updateAccess (Access access)
 View (QObject *parent)
QSize viewerSizeHint () const
 ~View ()

Protected Slots

void setCaption (const QString &text)

Protected Member Functions

void customEvent (QEvent *e)
void executeUpdate (UpdateBatch *batch)
bool isUpdating () const
void setAccess (Access access, bool initial=false)
void setMainWidget (QWidget *widget)
void setViewerSizeHint (const QSize &size)
virtual void updateEvent (UpdateEvent *e)
virtual void viewEvent (ViewEvent *e)

Private Slots

void updateCompleted (bool successful)

Private Attributes

Access m_access
QString m_caption
bool m_enabled
int m_id
QWidget * m_mainWidget
QSize m_sizeHint
bool m_updating

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